What are the benefits of taking lessons at a music school?
Music schools interview teachers and offer positions only to those who are qualified, experienced, and have positive references. This can be especially helpful if you do not have enough musical experience to select a suitable teacher yourself. Music schools usually have several qualified teachers for each instrument and can make a recommendation for one that would be a good match for your family. Music schools also provide services that private teachers do not always offer, including regular recitals and group classes.
Why choose Music Teachers on the Go?
We are the only Vancouver based music school that offers in-home lessons. You will be able to take advantage of the benefits of being enrolled in a music school, while enjoying lessons in the convenience of your home. We want lessons to be affordable so unlike most other schools and private teachers we do not charge an extra fee for travel. (Travel fees charged by others are usually between $10 and $20 per lesson) We want to work around your schedule. We can usually find you a teacher that can give lessons on your preferred lesson day. If your schedule does not allow for weekly lessons you can book one of our Flex-Lesson packages: 5 or 10 lesson that can be scheduled at your convenience within one year of purchase.
Do you offer trial lessons?
Yes, trial lessons may be arranged with your potential teacher. They should be the same length as your desired lesson length and are charged at the regular hourly rate: $45/hour for Associate Teachers, and $60 for Professional Teachers.
Do I need to commit to a full term of lessons?
Most students do register for a term of lessons, but we also offer Flex-Lesson Packages: 5 or 10 lessons that can be booked at your convenience. If you register for a term of lessons, you may withdraw before the third lesson of the term.
When is payment due? And what are the payment options?
You will be sent an invoice after your trial lesson and payment is due within one week from that date. Payments are to be made to the school either by mailing a cheque or using Paypal on our website.
Which category of teacher should I choose?
The choice of a Associate or Professional teacher is up to you, however we offer the following recommendations:
An Associate Teacher is best for you if you are a beginner and have been playing for up to three years. A Professional Teacher is best for you if you have been playing for more than three years or would like to compete in music festivals or take exams. Professional Teachers are also recommended if you are an adult student.

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